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I'm 57 and had M.E/CFS symptoms for as long as I can remember. Diagnosed 1988, as was my daughter, then aged just barely 11. Crafting has kept me sane through these many years and I've tried my hand at lots of things. Currently I'm cardmaking and crocheting,but also enjoy, drawing, writing poems, scrapbooking, making jewellery, fimo, needle felting, dressmaking...I could make a long list. As a dedicated Jehovah's Witness I also, naturally, have a keen interest in the Bible. See my projects on my CDAC Page http://priscillastyles.ning.com/profile/LINDAWESCOTT#?= as well as my crafting blog, link through badge below

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I Got A Round Tuit with Gluten Free

I'd been having oaty bars most days as part of my diet...oats, dried fruit, nuts and seed..no naughty sugars or anything. I've recently had to go gluten free and discovered that oats, although naturally gluten free, are contaminated during growing and processing. 

Hubby only usually gets one of my bars...hey he can eat anything...but he now has all my frozen batch I'd made for the month - he's a happy camper lol. After being so ill from going glut free I've finally managed to make myself a 'safe' batch. As the Gluten free oats are so expensive, I've had to use half buckwheat flakes.

I don't have a receipe as such - being a 'what's in the cupboard' kind of a cook and make it up as I go along. However, this is my method.

I soak raisin and currents in fruit juice & and the oats separately in enough water to cover for a couple of hours. This avoids the need to add anything to sweeten. I did add a little agave syrup to this batch as the buckwheat flakes aren't to my taste. 

When soaked I throw them together with seeds, ground almonds (sometimes chopped nuts). It needs to be  quite wet but not sloppy...kind of the mixture for rock cakes. Adjusting is done with dry oats or water, depending on need. 

I put it in shallow baking tin, firmly squashing it down, and cook at medium heat for 25 mins. 


  1. Oh they sound yummy Linda! Sounds easy to make too! I admire people who can bake without a recipe! I need my detailed instructions!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. They sound amazing Lindy!! I was looking into making some kind of sugar-free flapjack thing last week actually so this looks perfect! Do you know the quantities you use for each? Hope you are well xxxx

  3. Yum, yum! These look delicious!
    Alicia xx

  4. Hi Linda,
    thanks for your visit and lovely comment...Wow these look so scrummy,I'm on a diet and eating cereal bars so will have to have a go at making these,if you put the quantities....
    Mandy x


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