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I'm 57 and had M.E/CFS symptoms for as long as I can remember. Diagnosed 1988, as was my daughter, then aged just barely 11. Crafting has kept me sane through these many years and I've tried my hand at lots of things. Currently I'm cardmaking and crocheting,but also enjoy, drawing, writing poems, scrapbooking, making jewellery, fimo, needle felting, dressmaking...I could make a long list. As a dedicated Jehovah's Witness I also, naturally, have a keen interest in the Bible. See my projects on my CDAC Page http://priscillastyles.ning.com/profile/LINDAWESCOTT#?= as well as my crafting blog, link through badge below

Saturday, 11 December 2010

And you thought this was a good day.

You get up and for the first time in days/weeks/months you feel pretty good.......ok, you didn't notice you forgot to put your bra on until you had four layers on, that could happen to anyone. You go to the bathroom and push the button on top of the tap and it's only when nothing happens you remember you don't have a push button tap... not anywhere in the house..... never in your life. 

Managing to get downstairs in-tact you put the kettle on, put coffee in your cup and get your milk (substitute) out of the fridge. On turning back to your cup you discover it's not a cup, but the flask for the hand held blender.....you manage to laugh it off. 

You ignore all the trips, slips, spills, things you drop, knock over..we'll say no more. 

Later that morning you're asked to book a drs appointment....my eldest daughter has not been able to leave her granddad for five days, until today - as others can stay with him she has to work 9am - 9pm to make up some hours. The dr's are duly rung, and her name given to the receptionist. The very sweet natured receptionist can't find her.. what's her address? You explain you don't know - she's only your daughter after-all.  Asked for her date of birth, you panic and can't remember. Sweet receptionist reassures you that she'll find her without. You can hear her telling someone, 'I'll never find her, there are just too many'.

With relief you find your address book, eventually turn up the right page.............and see you've given her maiden name, Davis. Sweetie keeps telling you there is no need to apologise, you keep apologising.

The upshot is, you decide that when the men in the nice white coats arrive with the big butterfly net and promises of a quiet padded room.................you intend going.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Many years ago on a day like today.

My sweetpea is 33 today. I never worry about my age, it's never made any difference to me.......but sometimes my kids ages make me feel old lol. The secret to staying young at heart is not to look in the mirror longer than you have to...... much easier to forget what you look like if you've only had a glimpse.....so much easier to carry on deluding yourself that you are only 19, slim (and in my case blond lol). You do have to pretend photographs are really someone else though....I'm finding it easier to pretend they are my mother these days. 

It was my 5th wedding anniversary the day she was born, we never celebrated it ever again. While I'm reminiscing, here's a pic of me on my wedding day - 18yrs 5days old. What a baby, how little I knew that.
 That was my first husband, below is my last husband...

Here is most recent pic of me, and below that one of my Mom, maybe a few years younger than my 56yrs

One of Pea taken about a year before she became bedridden. Our little jack took it.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Perils of kissing boys.

Well, of kissing one boy, a very beautiful boy aged 6 who's incubating a virus. Of course as he's my grandson Jack, I have to admit that I'd most likely have still kissed him had I known about the horrible little germie things. Now really, can you blame me lol. 

My M.E. seems to be what I'd describe as 'active' as in my symptoms are increasing again. When like this, if I  'catch' anything it takes on the character of my M.E, rather than following the pattern others show who have the virus. This makes it hard to determine if you do have anything - maybe for a few hours, or the first day, you have what appears to be mild symptoms, and then they transmute. So you suffer all the severe aches and pains and extreme weakness/exhaustion that go along with a mildish relapse........and hope it isn't a relapse and you'll be right as rain in a few days. 

I'm brain fogged, confused, emotional, crabby, having to rest more and therefore having to isolate myself further to conserve my energy
urrrg. All the time trying to carry on as normally as possible so as not to worry Pea still more. 

All the fun of the fair in fact in one illness. 
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